Arctic Canada Expedition:
Icebergs, Polar Bears, Whales & More

August 3 – 15, 2024
Leader: Mark Garland

Nature Forward is excited to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Arctic Canada.

We encourage you to thoroughly review all the information about the trip by clicking here on Adventure Canada’s website. You’ll find videos, including a webinar, a map and itinerary of the route, pricing and cabin info, and information on the ship Ocean Endeavor.

If after reviewing all the information you decide you would like to join us, please complete the attached Registration Agreement. A $2,000 per person credit card deposit is required.

You can view costs and other information by clicking here.

Polar bear by © Steven Rose / Courtesy Adventure Canada

Dear friends:

The polar regions of our planet are among the least accessible places on the surface of our planet. In recent years there has been a big increase in travel to the Antarctic regions, but the true Arctic of the north remains visited by relatively few.

It’s an area that’s always intrigued me; the three main ecological divisions of earth are the tropic, temperate, and arctic regions.  For a full sense of the earth’s ecology, it’s helpful to visit all three.

I’ve had a few chances to see arctic environments in northern Alaska, but those visits have left me craving to see more. When I met the leaders of Adventure Canada at a travel conference a few years ago and learned of their expedition cruises into the far north, I knew I wanted to travel with them some day. That opportunity is now coming, as Nature Forward plans a trip with them in the summer of 2024. The trip begins in northern Greenland and travels west into Arctic Canada, an itinerary that I can’t wait to experience.

While our travelers will not be the only ones on the ship, Adventure Canada has planned some special meetings and activities solely for our group, and our meals will all be taken together. And for those of us with an aversion to classical cruising, it’s comforting to know that our ship carries a maximum of 198 passengers plus crew. There are no casinos, no stage shows, no hoopla, just a concerted focus on natural history.

I hope you’ll decide to join me on one of the first big trips of the renewed travel program for Nature Forward.

With my best wishes,

Mark S. Garland

Mark Garland
Trip Leader Mark Garland
Zodiac Cruse by © Jen Derbach / Courtesy Adventure Canada
Hiking in Diskofjord by © Jen Derbach / Courtesy Adventure Canada