Accessibility & Sustainability are a thing with Woodend Sanctuary’s Grand Opening on October 6 

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Chevy Chase, MD – Whether you run, walk, crawl, fly, hop, use a wheelchair, walker, cane or stroller to get around, you are welcome to ANS’s All-Day Outdoor Party to celebrate the Grand Opening of its remade nature sanctuary October 6, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Woodpeckers, cardinals, and bluebirds will be there. Wood frogs, Eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies, and bumblebees too. Thousands of new trees, shrubs, native plants and wildflowers will be visible along our new accessible trail and waving at you from our restored meadows and gardens saying, “How do you do?”

New memories will be made and dreams will come true for hundreds of people with disabilities, children looking for places to run wild, and anyone desiring a moment to meditate and just take in the healing view.

Everybody! Everybody! is welcome to join ANS for naturalist-led forest tours, a scavenger hunt, native plant sale, membership and gift shop deals at our grand opening celebration of our $4-million, 3-year-long restoration project, made possible with the support of our members, donors, local, state, and federal officials, and environmental partners.

Learn more about the Grand Opening here:

Find video here of the new wildlife and visitors blooming at the sanctuary,

Contact us to learn more and for a tour before, during, or after the Grand Opening.

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About ANS: Throughout its history, ANS has championed nature for all by playing a pivotal role in conserving our region’s iconic natural places from development including the C&O Canal, Dyke Marsh and, most recently, Ten Mile Creek. Past ANS member and board president, Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, is credited with launching the now global environmental movement. ANS’s nature experts provide hundreds of opportunities each year for children and adults to enjoy, learn about, and protect the environment.