Creek Critters®

A Smartphone App. An Engagement Tool.
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Creek Critters®

Nature Forward’s Creek Critters® app walks you through finding and identifying the small organisms – or critters – that live in freshwater streams and creating stream health reports based on your findings.

Creek Critters | What Critter Is This

These macroinvertebrates can reveal a lot about the health of your region’s waters.

Creek Critters | Catching Critters

Through a short series of steps, you’ll learn one method for catching critters using an aquarium net. You can simply pick up submerged rocks and carefully check them for critters if you don’t have a net.

CreekCritters App screenshots

Visual keys lead you through identifying 30 commonly found critters. Identification screens include line drawings, photos and more!

Checking for aquatic macroinvertebrates

Aquatic macroinvertebrates serve as indicators of stream health because they exhibit varying levels of sensitivity to pollution. As you identify critters, you’ll be building a stream health report.

Creek Critters | nature app and engagement activity

Creek Critters refers to both a nature app and an engagement activity. The free Creek Critters® app is used with groups as a tool for education, community science and outreach. You can also search for critters with family and friends.

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Find and identify the critters that live in freshwater streams and create stream health reports based on your findings.

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