This year, our communities faced unprecedented climate impact. Flooding turned local streets into rivers, swallowing homes and tragically claiming the lives of beloved pets. Wildfire smoke and intense storms forced children at Camp Woodend indoors, robbing them of precious time outdoors. Extended drought strained our native trees and plans, leaving habitats in our region, and at Woodend Nature Sanctuary, parched and vulnerable.

Even in the face of climate adversity, hope persists.
YOU are that ray of optimism providing a lifeline of support to face these crises head-on.

We urgently need your support now. Please make your contribution of $50, $75, or $125 before December 31st. Your generous donation is more than a gift; it is a crucial step toward safeguarding our future!

Inspiring change is Nature Forward’s purpose, promise, and passion.

Our promise to you is that we put your donation to excellent use by building on our current momentum and safeguarding the future for people and nature right here in our community.

THANK YOU for standing with us, for believing in our mission, and for taking urgent action to protect nature!