Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) Introduces New Players in the Fight to Protect Local Streams and Watersheds – Stream Superheroes Hydro Girl, Doctor Stream Strider . . . and You

CHEVY CHASE, MD–Calling all superheroes! Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) is looking for a few good stream superheroes to join its Communities for Clean Streams. Meet Hydro Girl. Hydro Girl can reduce the evil effects of polluted runoff and development on local streams by bringing her community together. Her mobilization superpower helps win clean water wars. And, get to know Doctor Stream Strider too.

Doctor Stream Strider can morph from a hard-nosed advocate for clean water policies into an expert community stewardship organizer in the blink of an eye. What’s more he has the power of multiplication; Doctor Stream Strider spawns other stream superheroes from himself! ANS is calling on community members, environmentally conscious businesses, local watershed, civic and homeowner groups, to become Stream Superheroes too.

Here’s how. First, join ANS’s Communities for Clean Streams FREE online at Join as a member or partner. Get access to information on streams and local watersheds, notices of upcoming stream stewardship events around the region and calls to action to protect local streams and watersheds. You’ll also find more on becoming a stream superhero, including creating your superhero name, ways to share your superhero stories, photo challenges and upcoming special superhero events.

“We’re having fun with this superhero theme, but we know protecting local streams and watersheds is an important task,” said ANS Executive Director Lisa Alexander. “Community members and organizations are doing great deeds to defend local clean water every day. We want to celebrate those stream superheroes and inspire people to take action to protect local streams throughout the DC metro region.”

ANS launched Communities for Clean Streams in September 2015 to support the people and partners in the DC metro region working to protect and restore the region’s streams. To encourage more eyes on the water quality of local streams, ANS launched the Creek Critters app last June as well.

This FREE app (available from the App Store and Google Play) shows users how to find the small organisms that live in freshwater streams and walks them through identifying these benthic macroinvertebrates, or creek critters, through a series of visual cues. These critters help determine the stream’s health. To learn more about ANS’s Communities for Clean Streams, join FREE as a member or partner and to see the ANS Stream Superheroes Hydro Girl and Doctor Stream Strider, and find out ways to get involved, go to

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