Electrify Montgomery County’s Future Buildings Today!

11/29/22 UPDATE: Thanks to your advocacy and the Electrify MoCo Coalition’s persistency, the Montgomery County Council passed Bill 13-22 unanimously today.  All new building constructions will be required to be all electric starting December 31st, 2026, and some buildings like on income-restricted residential units, residential buildings with 4 or more stories, and private and public schools have an extension up to December 31st, 2027. Read more here.

End the use of dirty and dangerous fossil fuels for water heating, space heating, and cooking in our buildings, which account for over 50% of carbon emissions in our county!

On Tuesday November 15th the Full Montgomery County Council will have a worksession on Bill 13-22 – Buildings – Comprehensive Building Decarbonization. Bill 13-22 will require all new buildings and major renovations in the county to be electric starting January 1st, 2024 – creating safer and healthier homes for all people in the county. Plus, this bill will help Montgomery County reach its ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals of reducing 80% of its emission by 2027 and becoming carbon neutral by 2035 (see more in Montgomery County’s Climate Action Plan). This bill has passed already the T&E workgroup committee and is now going the full council for review. So far, the bill has been under attack already from industry lobbyists from Pepco, Washington Gas and others who have succeeded in adding weakening amendments and delays to the bill.


Write and tell the Montgomery County Council to not weaken Bill 13-22 anymore and to pass it now. Use our form below to send your letter in your own words today.

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