A bee visits the flower of an amsonia tabernaemontana in beautiful bloom, planted in a rain garden at Broadlands HOA, Loudoun County. Photo credit BJ Lecrone.

Greening Your Neighborhood

The Greening Your Neighborhood (GrYN) program was created and implemented by Nature Forward in partnership with Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy and others, and ran from 2020 to 2022.  The program is now fully self-guided and provides the approaches you need to partner with your HOA Board to successfully complete an ecologically-focused project in your community.  Your project could take many forms: getting native trees planted on common property; installing a rain garden; securing community funding for invasive plant removal; creating an official Conservation Committee; or any other results-oriented conservation goal you might have.  The goals for your project might include improving local stream water quality, decreasing flooding, providing needed wildlife habitat, increasing tree canopy, or making the community more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Learn more about the project, see all its resources, and begin your own self-guided journey to greening your own HOA neighborhood at the Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy website, which currently hosts the program.

Program Partners
Funded by

Virginia Environmental Endowment & an anonymous family foundation