DC Environment Budget Testimony

On April 6, 2023, Nature Forward submitted testimony on Washington, DC’s FY24 budget for the Department of Energy and Environment.

We focused on the following key issues: 

  • Decarbonization of the District of Columbia
  • Adequate funding to keep implementation of Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) on time
  • Release of the final Zero Waste DC Plan by Spring 2023

Out of the many issues addressed across DC’s climate community, we were overall pleased with the finalized budget for the District in FY 2024.


  • We Defended BEPS! Mayor Bowser did not delay DC’s Climate Commitment to Building Energy Performance Standards by cutting funding in this year’s budget.
  • Healthy Homes for All was funded in the DC budget, although the bill has not been passed just yet. We can expect the final vote as early as this Fall. ​

Thank you so much for your commitment to the environment and Nature Forward’s mission. We were so happy to see so many concerned citizens take action and protect our commitments to a safer, cleaner, and healthier environment for the District.

Read our full testimony here: