Nature Preschool

Nature Forward’s 40-acre Woodend Nature Sanctuary provides a unique home for our preschoolers and their families.

This natural environment serves as a one-of-a-kind green venue for creative language, artistic, musical expression, hands-on observation, and discovery.

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Oaks and Saplings

Looking for a 5-day drop-off program for your preschooler (ages 3-5)?

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Looking for a once-weekly option to introduce your child to nature and preschool?

Preschool Saplings

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Nurturing atmosphere focused on whole child development

A balance of teacher-directed and child-directed activities engages students from arrival to departure.

Our preschool teachers cherish each student’s unique personality and interests and are skilled at instructing them in the most thoughtful and nurturing ways. Teacher-directed activities include group meeting/circle time, journals, cooking projects and science experiments. Indoor child-directed activities include learning centers for art, block building, dramatic play, a sensory table, discovery table, reading, and much more.

Academic excellence built on an emergent curriculum

Children are naturally curious about the environment and their discoveries guide them to great academic heights.

Our preschool students demonstrate knowledge of the natural world and develop measurable skills in language arts, science, social studies, and creative arts. Nature Preschool students acquire knowledge through self-paced activities and mindfulness, supported by our student-centered, emergent philosophy that establishes a foundation for a lifetime of learning for every child.

Nature-based, play-based, child-led experiences

Our playground goes far beyond swing sets and sandboxes.

Our preschool students spend every day outdoors, rain or shine—in fact, wet and rainy days provide some of our most magical experiences. They put what they learn about science into practice each day through such activities as identifying bugs, insects, plants, and birds. They also practice and build on their engineering skills by building dams and forts and enjoy the world’s best recess by climbing over logs and playing in leaves and mud, if they choose to!

Our preschool curriculum emphasizes children being in the moment, engaging with the environment in deep and meaningful ways, and exploring through all of their senses. Ultimately, they become more committed and sophisticated caretakers for the Earth.

Nature Preschool

Our nature preschool offers a balanced mix of nature, nurture, and academic success. Our students learn kindness and cooperation, develop their imaginations, exercise curiosity, and build confidence, skills, and knowledge for the future and to protect our world.


For more information about Nature Preschool:

Rose Brusaferro
Acting Preschool Director
Phone: (301) 652-9188 x32
[email protected]

Woodend Sanctuary
8940 Jones Mill Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815
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