Woodend Restoration –


We are working to restore Clean Drinking stream at Woodend Sanctuary

Restoration will stabilize the stream banks and slow down rushing storm water through a series of dams, mini-waterfalls and pools. Some of the dams will be made of stone.

We are working to restore Clean Drinking stream at Woodend that has been degraded by stormwater runoff caused by urbanization. By repairing Clean Drinking stream, we will reduce pollution flowing into Rock Creek and the Chesapeake Bay.

Restoration will rebuild Clean Drinking stream’s severely eroded channel that floods with water (and pollutants) during storms, but stands empty through much of the year.

Other dams will be made from logs cut from trees that have fallen at Woodend. The restored stream will deliver water downstream gently and filter pollution while adding to groundwater.

Over time, the stream restoration will provide better wildlife habitat, especially for amphibians like this wood frog that lays its eggs in woodland pools every spring.

In addition to restoring Woodend’s stream, we are managing stormwater all over the sanctuary to help keep pollution out of Rock Creek. This rain garden stores and filters water running off of our driveway.

This step-pool garden at Woodend slows down water flowing out of a
stormwater pipe and onto the ground.

Pictured here is our vision for the future of Clean Drinking Stream. Please visit as we make progress toward a Woodend Sanctuary that is an urban oasis of nature for all people and all wildlife.

Ways to Get Involved:

For books and resources on habitats and wildlife, visit Woodend’s Nature Forward Naturalist Shop.

Visit Education page to sign up for nature classes and field trips.

“It’s exciting to see new native plant specifies appearing on the property. Educating children about the importance of biodiversity, food chains, and native flora and fauna becomes much easier when you are able to point them out.”

– Frank

“My first experience volunteering at Woodend involved surveying and nurturing the Restored Meadow. I quickly learned to identify many native plant species that were thriving in the meadow and also how much fun it was to volunteer with other nature loving folks.”

– Maura

“There is nothing like hands-on experience removing invasive plants and replacing them with native species. Through that process, I have learned more about each plant’s value and impact on improvement of the vibrancy and resilience of the plant and animal diversity at Woodend”

– Gregg

“I can not thank you all enough for providing fulfilling tangible projects – that saw the full lifecycle of restoration from invasive removal to planting – for our crews to really understand the impact of their work in the watershed.”

– Arielle

Visit Woodend Sanctuary

8940 Jones Mill Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Trails are open daily from dawn to dusk
Admission is free

If you are in Northern Virginia,
you also can 
visit our Rust Sanctuary

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