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  • 2024 Maryland General Assembly comes to a close

    Thank you to Nature Forward members, supporters and volunteers for a record level of advocacy outreach!

  • Help keep parks on the minds of our Fairfax County Supervisors!

    We need your help again this year to ask our Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to continue to prioritize funding for equity and stewardship programs in our Park Authority!

  • Data Centers in Maryland

    Data centers are large buildings that store computers to process and store data. There are many different types of data centers, and each one specializes in storing or processing data…

  • Conservation team visits Capitol Hill

    Once a year, Nature Forward’s Conservation Team joins advocates from across the Chesapeake Bay region to go to Capitol Hill to ask our federal legislators to support initiatives that clean…

  • Woodend Reports: Marching into Stream Monitoring

    Grace Dho As we enter springtime and warmer weather, one can find natural clues all around us that the seasons are changing. At Woodend, some of the first signs of…

  • 2024 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Priorities 

    Energy is the theme of this year’s top 2024 Maryland General Assembly legislative priorities. Read up on each bill below.You can TAKE ACTION NOW by using our simple form at the end of…

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