Maryland General Assembly 2023 Wrap Up!

April 10th marked the end of the 2023 Maryland General Assembly. We are excited to report that ALL of Nature Forward’s MDG23 priority bills passed and are now waiting for the Governor’s approval!

Thank you all for your support in sending letters, talking with legislators, and advocating for a healthier, safer, and climate resilient environment for everyone.

A special thanks to a team of volunteers who helped us analyze legislation, write and deliver testimony, draft action alerts, and track bills’ progress through the General Assembly: Anne Cottingham, Debra Street, Anne DeNovo, and Ilisa Tawney.

Here are some highlights from this year’s MDGA23!

Improved Forest Conservation Act

SB526 / HB723 – Natural Resources – Forest Preservation and Retention

This legislation will:

  • Increase forest coverage across Maryland.
  • Increase replanting requirements for developers.
  • Provide local governments the flexibility to reach no net loss. 

Big thank yous from Nature Forward to @SaraLove4MD  and @SenatorSarah for your work on this crucial bill! 

Maryland the Beautiful Act

SB470 / HB631– Natural Resources – Land Conservation – Establishment of Goals and Programs

This legislation will:

  • Set a statewide goal to conserve 30% of MD by 2030 and 40% by 2040.
  • Establish a loan program where land trusts can use to secure land protection.
  • Monitoring and stewardship funds also included in legislation. 

Thank you to @SenatorSarah and @DelDanaStein for championing this amazing bill!

Greenspace Equity Act

SB923 HB503 – Natural Resources – Greenspace Equity Program – Establishment

This legislation will:

  • Create a new grant program called “Greenspace Equity Program” to fund and improve new and existing greenspaces.
  • Funds would be targeted to help underserved or overburdened communities in MD. 


  • SB526 HB723 Natural Resources – Forest Preservation and Retention
  • SB923 HB503 Natural Resources – Greenspace Equity Program – Establishment
  • SB470 HB631– Natural Resources – Land Conservation – Establishment of Goals and Programs (Maryland the Beautiful Act)
  • SB0158 HB319 PFAS Testing – Requirements
  • SB92 HB06 – Department of General Services – Energy–Conserving Standards (Maryland Sustainable Buildings Act of 2023)
  • SB62 HB62 Land Use – Public Service Companies – Pollinator-Friendly Vegetation Management
  • SB613 HB908 Electricity – Community Solar Energy Generating Systems Program
  • SB19 HB09 Equity in Transportation Sector – Guidelines and Analyses