• Woodend Reports: Tracking the Health of Woodend’s Forest 

    By Grace Dho With a new year comes new data! This past fall, restoration staff and volunteers began resurveying Woodend’s forest. The original, comprehensive forest survey of Woodend’s deer-protected area…

  • Exploring The Fall Foliage

    All around Woodend Sanctuary, there are trails that will take you on a tour of the local wildlife. The larger loop is wheelchair accessible, and there are some others that…

  • Woodend Monthly: Everyone Outside, Outside for Everyone

    By deconstructing what defines a natural space, people can expand their view of outdoor access to be more inclusive and welcoming to people of all ability levels.  

  • Woodend Stream Restoration Project Overview

    Nature Forward worked with the Center for Watershed Protection (CWP) to design a step pool system along 1,500 feet of what had been a perennial, spring-fed stream into the 1970s,…

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